This guide covers basic IRC operator commands as well as how 6697 operates.
If you feel that any of the information described here is inaccurate please mention it in the staff channel on IRC.

Decision Making

Decisions are a majority vote by server owners on important matters (eg- new links).
If a server owner is not around during the decision making process and does not answer within a reasonable period of time their vote is not counted. In other words, if 3 / 5 IRC Ops are present, and 2 vote yes and 1 votes no, the remaining 2 are not accounted for and the vote for yes will go through. Global configuration changes are done via git, and all voting on those changes are done by the routing team.


Server Administrator

A server administrator is someone who typically has access to the server's SSH, console, etc.

Server Operator

A server operator is someone who simply performs moderation tasks on the IRC daemon, but does not have physical or shell access to the server.


There are limited services on the network even for IRC operators. However you will find that Chanfix & Operserv provide a few useful commands.