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Long live UberScript!

UberScript was a script for XChat which have both been abandoned.
Uberscript Reborn brings UberScript to HexChat with a few bug fixes and modifications to the default configuration.

What does it do??

This script is actually jam packed with a bunch of features, including but not limited to:
  • Random gives/slaps (/ubergive & /uberslap)
  • Random CTCP version replies
  • Be told when you are being versioned
  • Random Away reasons
  • Random Quit/Part reasons
  • Join and/or thank on invite
  • Run commands when user joins channel
  • Run commands on channel trigger
  • Session saving
  • Quotes


Just drop along with the uber/ & quotes/ directories into your HexChat addons/ directory. Then type /load into HexChat and you're good to go!


If you need any help with UberScript reborn, want to report a bug, or just want a place to chill and hang out you can find me on in #uberscript.
You can also use the issue tracker on Gitlab to report bugs.

Get UberScript Reborn

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