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This script is meant for Linux users of HexChat, and will provide a bunch of new features!


Before you can use this script you will need to install the following modules with cpan:

  • LWP::Simple
  • JSON
  • Text::Glob

What it does so far

  • OS detection, it shouldn't work on Windows but in case someone gets it working then it will bind Windows commands instead of Linux commands.
  • Update checker
  • Rhythmbox now playing (/ree-np)
  • Put incoming server messages into separate windows for easy reading.
  • Blocks unwanted private messages, allowing people to PM you based on a filter.
  • Rainbow text (/ree-rainbow)
  • IP Info (/ree-ipinfo)
  • Auto Away/Back system.
  • Random slaps (/ree-slap <nickname>).
  • Random gives (/ree-give <nickname>).
  • ASCII art (/ree-ascii <path>).

PM Firewall

To enable or disable the firewall, you need to use the /ree-set command: /ree-set pmfw.enabled [on|off]. The firewall will need to be enabled before it's rules will go into effect. The default (hidden) rule is to block everything, you will need to explicitly allow messages to come through by hostmask.

  • To allow a host: /ree-pmfw ALLOW *[email protected]
  • To delete a rule: /ree-pmfw DELETE *[email protected]
  • To list rules: /ree-pmfw LIST
  • Save to disk: /ree-pmfw SAVE
  • Load from disk: /ree-pmfw LOAD
  • For more help: /ree-pmfw


  • Update script via command (latest stable or development)
  • Configuration files
  • Other player options for now playing
  • Fun stuff:
    • fish slaps
    • gives
    • other random actions.
  • Useful stuff:
    • Auto-reply when away
    • Regain nick
  • Security & stealth features:
    • Randomized versions
    • Randomized quit messages
    • Randomized part messages
    • PM "Firewall"
      • Block private messages that aren't from users on ALLOW list.
      • Block private messages that match a filter.
      • Let user know when they have a blocked PM via a setting other than debug. (For now just use /ree-set debug on).
        • Furthermore when a user does have a blocked pm offer to put the mask on the ALLOW list or give the proper command to do so.
  • Triggers:
    • On-Join
    • On-Part
    • On-Message



  • Initial commit, all currently finished features are in this release.


Just drop along with the ree/ directory into your HexChat addons/ directory. Then type /load into HexChat and you're good to go!


If you need any help with, want to report a bug, or just want a place to chill and hang out you can find me on in #ree.
You can also use the issue tracker on Gitlab to report bugs.


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